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Virtual Communication Best Practices

If working in a virtual environment, or with a virtual team, is new to you, it can present some unique challenges. When something happens it’s not as simple as a walk across the hall to pop your head into your coworkers office to talk through the issue. When you are virtual, you often don’t have

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How to Balance Work and Fun During Summer

The sun is shining, and it feels oh so good outside! When summer time rolls around, it’s easy to catch a little FOMO. There’s so much going on, the weather feels great, pools are open, kids are out of school and you just want to do all the things; but there’s one problem, you still have

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Setting Away Messages

Everybody deserves time away from the office. But, do you ever feel like you’re forgetting something when you take off work? It’s likely your away message! Setting an away message in your inbox for when you are off work is so powerful! It let’s your clients/prospects know what is going on, so they feel taken

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Tips for Dealing with Difficult Clients

We’ve all had them… difficult clients. It’s something every virtual assistant dreads, but it’s also something every single one of us will have to deal with.  Inevitably, you will end up working with a client that doesn’t respect your boundaries, is rude, is a penny pincher, is inconsiderate or doesn’t respect what you bring to

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As a Virtual Assistant, You’re Never Alone

Do you ever feel lonely in your business? What we do is amazing! And it absolutely can help so many people, as well as open up some pretty amazing opportunities for you and your future. But, it can be lonely. Sitting at your home office, working away behind the computer, it can be easy to

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The Best Time to Hire a VA is Before You Think You Need One

Remember how it felt when the holiday season finally arrived and you were juggling to get everything done by yourself? This took away a lot of your time off to spend with your family, didn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to FINALLY get the holiday season you always dreamed of? Waking up during your Thanksgiving

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Outlook Vs Google: Which is Better?

It’s an age-old question… Outlook vs Google. And honestly, it’s really not that old of a question! So, is one better than the other? I think it honestly comes down to your preferences, and not just preferences about email! Each of these services comes with a suite of products to help make your business life

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Take Back Control of Your Schedule Before Spring Break

Spring Break is almost here – it’s time for all of you amazing entrepreneurs to go into vaca-mode! Whether your year has been crazy stressful in a good way (lots of growth, yay!) or in a not so good way, you still deserve time off. Often, people give themselves a hard time, thinking that they

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Finding New Systems For Your Business

I recently decided to change my CRM system. Some of you have done this before and you know my pain! If you’ve never started in one system and then decided it wasn’t the right fit and you needed to change it up, then let me tell you. It is a BIG project! Not only do

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2023 is The Year You Take a Step Back

Can you believe it’s already February?! Before you know it we will be back in holiday season and wrapping up this year. There’s no reason that by holiday season you can’t have a thriving engagement with your virtual assistant. Take a moment and imagine with me: It’s the holiday season and instead of feeling overwhelmed,

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