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Train Your VA and Take Back Your Summer


It’s no secret that the summer months can be an exciting allure, what with the long evenings, the fresh air, the pool and lake calling your name. But, for many business owners, this can also be a time of stress and FOMO. When you are doing it all yourself, when everything is on YOUR shoulders, it can be so hard to break away for the summer, take some time off and simply enjoy yourself!

While it may be too late to bring in help for summer this year, it’s NOT too late to start planning for the holidays, and of course, summer next year. Have you ever thought, “I just need like three or four more of me and then everything will be fine”?

Well, when you bring a virtual assistant into your business, you are adding on an extension of yourself! Yes, you will need to take the time upfront to train them on how you would like things done and the tasks that you need help with, but in the long run, you will have someone else helping you shoulder the tasks and responsibilities that come with running your business.

See, we simply cannot do it all ourselves. Of course, I think there’s a time and place for you to tackle every job in your business so you understand how it works, but eventually, in order to scale our business, we must bring in some help. Ultimately, the end result will be you have a team member that is invested in your business and someone who can keep things running while you take some time off to spend with your family, relax, or even take a much needed vacation!

If you are thinking, man, this sounds nice and exactly like what I need, I would love the chance to talk with you to see if one of our virtual assistants is the right fit for you! Book your FREE consultation and let’s talk.

“Barrier Consulting has changed my business and my life. Evonne and her team keep my business goal-focused; moving projects faster toward success (and helping us look good doing it)! Everything they have helped with not only frees up my time and reduces stress but increases revenue too! My business would grow at snail speed without Barrier Consulting.”

– Pam Harjo, Youth Scoreboards

Are you ready to bring someone alongside you to help your business grow? Book your FREE consultation to learn how one of our Virtual Assistants can help take that overwhelm off your shoulders.

If you’re not quite ready for a VA but want to plan ahead, grab our free download:

5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant.



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