Tips For Moms Working From Home


Over the last two years, remote work has become the new normal. And like anything, it has its pros and cons.

For example, a con may be, getting swamped with work if you don’t have your days structured. Or maybe you have some kiddos running around, and you just cannot concentrate. While we love them with all of our hearts, sometimes mom and dad need some distraction-free work time.

On the other hand, the pros from working from home? Getting to work in your yoga pants, DUH!? Or getting to indulge in a morning routine before signing on for the day. Ultimately, it comes down to the flexibility remote working can bring to your life. 

It’s because of that flexibility that if you are a parent working from home with little ones, you can still make them a priority while staying productive.

You may be thinking, but how? 

It’s all about balance and time-management. 

We asked a few of our wonderful entrepreneur friends that work from home with kids, and they gave us their best tips to manage work and their little ones.

  • Hit up your favorite craft store before the week and plan some fun activities that will keep them entertained while you work. 

  • Set up a timer for dedicated, 1-on-1 time with them and work time. 

  • *Age-dependent,* but set up a snack and drink section with anything that they may be able to get themselves, so you have undistracted work time. 

  • On days you have work meetings, give them their screen-time for the day while you’re in your meetings.

  • Plan to get some work done once your kids are put to bed so you can enjoy some day-time with them too. 

  • Let them know your boundaries. For example, when your door is closed, that means mom and/or dad are working and they need to respect this. 

  • Have a game plan and prioritize your tasks.

Remember with any of these tips – always set realistic expectations. Days are unexpected with a child, and you have no idea if something is going to happen that will pull you away from your work. Try not to get too frustrated, because with every experience, you learn something new; and the more you learn, the more you can create the best schedule that fits for you and your kids.

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