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Outlook Vs Google: Which is Better?


It’s an age-old question… Outlook vs Google. And honestly, it’s really not that old of a question!

So, is one better than the other?

I think it honestly comes down to your preferences, and not just preferences about email! Each of these services comes with a suite of products to help make your business life easier. You can obtain a license for just an Outlook email, or you can obtain a license that is accompanied by the Office 365 suite; think Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, etc. 

All of Google’s (now called Google Workspace when referring to their business software) subscriptions come with the full Google suite of products; think Sheets, Docs, Slides, Google Drive, etc. 

The prices are fairly comparable, though I think it’s slightly higher for Outlook when you are going for the full suite of products. Of course, Outlook has more product options (SharePoint, Teams, etc.)

They both are easy to manage and work within. You can even change up your Google inbox to look like an Outlook inbox if you prefer that layout.

When it comes to email management, I personally think Google is easier for a VA to manage email than Outlook. Google has lots of widget add-ons that you can use to make inbox management a breeze (Cloud HQ’s notes feature is my favorite) and their multiple symbol options and ability to label while still having the email in the inbox gives you tons of tools to work with and communicate to each other without actually having to speak to one another.

Outlook on the other hand is limited to multi colored flags and you cannot label items in the inbox. It also doesn’t have as many add-on options that allow you to communicate within the inbox. 

But, ultimately, it just comes down to what you are more comfortable working in! We recently switched our company’s email provider to Google Workspace and I love it! I’ve always been a fan of Gmail personally and find the tools easier to use when collaborating with a team then Outlook’s.

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– Pam Harjo, Youth Scoreboards

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