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How to Balance Work and Fun During Summer


The sun is shining, and it feels oh so good outside! When summer time rolls around, it’s easy to catch a little FOMO. There’s so much going on, the weather feels great, pools are open, kids are out of school and you just want to do all the things; but there’s one problem, you still have to work!

Unfortunately you can’t just step away from your business for the summer; but you can find solutions to decrease your fear of missing out, while getting to enjoy the season and be present with your friends and family.

You can start by planning your day, and prioritizing certain projects and tasks that need to be done. Get your top priorities done for the day, then you can head out for the late afternoon or evening. Or you can plan to get some time outside before you log on in the morning. That way you’re starting the day off with some vitamin D, which will probably improve your mood throughout the rest of your day! If you have meetings scheduled, plan to step outside for a breather in between, and get your feet on the earth and breathe some fresh air. 

Remember, you’re the boss – and you can take on as little or as much as you want! It’s okay to cut back a little during the summer time. Or if you have the right team members in place, start outsourcing tasks. 9 times out of 10, those administrative tasks you’re doing can be offloaded to a team member, so that you can have free time to do whatever you want! 

It’s time to make this summer all about YOU, being present with your family and friends, while also making sure business is taken care of.

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