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How Our Team Finds The Best VA For Your Needs


Have you ever wondered what our process looks like when pairing clients and virtual assistants? Well, because one of our core values is transparency, we want to let you in on all the details.

It all starts with us taking the time to get to know you first, your business values, your biggest pain points and overall, how your business operates. We believe all of these are crucial when it comes to a successful engagement.

Once we feel we have a good idea of how your business works, and how your brain works, then it’s time for us to carefully pick one of our many wonderful virtual assistants we feel would make a great fit for your team. 

When choosing a virtual assistant for your business, we always look at their experience and what they excel at. Does their niche match what you are needing the most help with? Will they help your business grow?

We also compare clients and VA’s personalities and values. This is an important one, friends! 

Personalities make or break a partnership. 

For example, if we have a client with a strong personality, someone who is very dominant and brutally honest, odds are they won’t be successful with a VA who is very emotionally attached and tends to take things personally. Or that dominant personality may not be very successful with someone who is also very dominant, because then they might just butt heads all the time. 

We’ve found that the Enneagram personality test can be helpful when distinguishing someone’s personality type, and finding out the other types they work best with. 

That being said, when we look at personalities, we also look at values. Does the client and VA have similar values in others such as honesty, kindness, supportive, etc? Do they have similar appreciation languages in the workplace? (You can find out yours, here.)

There is a lot that goes into making a great pair for a virtual assistant engagement, but it all comes down to being open-minded about inviting someone into your business to help you grow. 

Once you are comfortable with this idea, our team takes care of the rest for you!

“Barrier Consulting has changed my business and my life. Evonne and her team keep my business goal-focused; moving projects faster toward success (and helping us look good doing it)! Everything they have helped with not only frees up my time and reduces stress but increases revenue too! My business would grow at snail speed without Barrier Consulting.”

– Pam Harjo, Youth Scoreboards

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