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Finding Your Voice


Have you  ever been working with a client and realized the relationship just wasn’t working for you anymore? It can be hard to bring up difficult conversations with clients, but it’s so extremely important to do so!

Confrontation can be hard, especially when you are dealing with strong willed business owners! But, speaking your mind, voicing your opinion and your needs for your working relationship is paramount to continuing to have a thriving, successful engagement. 

Remember, your client is a person too! They have a heart and they understand that these conversations can be difficult.

If you are struggling to find your voice and speak up with your client when things need to change, this is what I would encourage you to do.

Step 1 – sit down and write out your thoughts. Start with just a pen and piece of paper and brain dump everything that is going through your head. What is happening? What do you not like? When did this start?

Step 2 – Now that you have it all on paper, look through your notes. Organize your thoughts into lists, with the most pressing item first.

Step 3 – What needs to change? What on your list needs to change for you to be happier in your working relationship? Write it all down! 

Step 4 – Write out an email to your client. I know! Now you have to actually face the music. But, it’s time! Use your notes and thoughts and write out an email to your client. Start with a compliment or listing out the successes you have had together. Then, write out the history. When did the problem start? What has happened since then? Now, offer the solution. What do you need to change to be happy moving forward?

Step 5 – Send the email and include a time in the email for the two of you to connect via phone or Zoom to discuss. 

Step 6 – Discuss via phone call or Zoom. Listen to their side and then work to come to a solution together.

I hope this helps! Where are you struggling in your virtual assistant business? 

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– Pam Harjo, Youth Scoreboards

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