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Start your virtual assistant agency before the holidays with our small group coaching program starting in August, 2023!

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Experience our boutique, customized placement process

Business growth is great, but sometimes it means you’re struggling to keep up with key business tasks or concerned about a decline in the customer experience. That often translates to long hours and sleepless nights for you as the business owner. If you’re concerned about maintaining a high-quality customer experience as your business grows, we can help.

We don’t just assign you a virtual assistant — we match you with the right VA for your business and guide you through the onboarding process for maximum results.

What to expect from Barrier Consulting

We’re passionate about two key things:

Helping business owners achieve their dreams and empowering women with more part-time remote work opportunities. Here’s what you can expect as a client.

Consistent, high-quality support

We carefully match each client with an experienced VA from our team to provide the specific skills and ongoing support you need.

Clear onboarding process

We walk you through each step of the onboarding process so your VA is fully equipped to support you and your customers.

No long-term contracts

We believe in long-term relationships, not long-term contracts. If your business needs change, your level of support can change as well.

Take better care of your customers and yourself

We’ve worked with lots of entrepreneurs, and we know how deeply you care about the customer experience and operating your business efficiently. When things start to slip through the cracks and impact the customer experience, it’s hard for you as a business owner. You may find yourself wanting to do more, but you simply don’t have enough time or energy to do it. 

We’ve helped many business owners reclaim their time while also improving their customer experience. 

What our clients are saying

How it works

With years of experience in the virtual assistant industry and a team of VAs with wide-ranging skills, we are ready to help support your business in a variety of ways. Our process is focused on identifying your needs and helping you feel confident in working with your virtual assistant.


Our free consultation is focused on identifying your key business goals, your pain points and how a virtual assistant can help.


We dive deeper into your business needs, then we interview multiple virtual assistants to find the right fit before scheduling a single VA interview for you.


We send you a 90-day, step-by-step onboarding process to ensure your virtual assistant is well equipped to support your business.


Most of our clients end up asking, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” because of the impact their virtual assistant has on their business.

The best time to hire a virtual assistant is before you think you need one

Concerned about a decline in customer experience? Feeling overwhelmed keeping up with all the tasks in your business? Whether you’re already there or think you might be before long, reach out to us for help. 

If you’re not quite ready for a VA but want to plan ahead, grab our free download:

5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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