Do you feel like things are falling through the cracks and your customers are not receiving the best possible service?

Are you overwhelmed with the day to day running of your business and wish you could just focus on what only you can do best?

We’ve found that most business owners struggle to keep up with all of the behind the scenes tasks that come with running their operation. They are overwhelmed, overworked and stressed. They are awesome at what they do and passionate about why they started their business, but the day to day tasks have continued to grow to the point where they can’t keep up with it all.

Barrier Consulting is a virtual assistant agency that specializes in finding you the virtual assistant which fits your unique needs. Over the last three years, we have worked with business owners just like you to help them achieve their business goals through our quality virtual assistants.

This is where we come in!

We will help you outsource your administrative tasks by pairing you with a high quality, U.S. based virtual assistant who fits into your company, values and culture because we believe you deserve to see your dreams become a reality and we simply cannot do it all ourselves.

Here’s how we do it


Book a free consultation so we can discuss your business goals, what you can outsource and how a virtual assistant can fit into your business model.


Walk through our discovery process to outline the scope of work, skill sets needed and type of personality that will fit your business to define what would make this engagement a WIN for you.


Kickoff with your amazing new virtual assistant and watch as your WIN becomes a reality!

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After reaching a point in my business where I maxed out the amount of revenue I could bring in on my own and not to mention working myself crazy to handle every email, quote and admin task that came my way – I knew something needed to change. I was overwhelmed, overworked and feeling like there was no end in sight. Worse than that, I could tell that the effects of my mismanagement had started reflecting in my client communication and quality of work that I was putting out – NOT ok with me! 

Always having heard that you should spend most of your time handling the things that only you can do, I knew that offloading admin work was the way to go. Working with Evonne has been nothing short of a dream! She was amazing at starting with the number of hours that fit my budget and tackling the tasks that I considered to be “not very fun”. I am ALWAYS amazed each week at what she can accomplish in the amount of hours I contract her for. I have thrown lots of new and industry specific things at her and she has picked them up and ran with them, no problem! I can’t say enough amazing things about how easy it has been to work with her, how organized she is and how much less stressed I feel. The cost of hiring a virtual assistant has paid for itself 10x already! – Crystal Oakes, Owner, Oakes Creative House

Not Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant but you aren't quite there yet? Bringing on a new team member, whether virtual or in-person, is a big task and can be scary! But, with a bit of strategy and planning up front, you can walk into the hiring and onboarding process feeling confident that you have set yourself up for success! Grab our FREE 5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant Download now!


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