Crisis Services

As the COVID-19 crisis has swept our nation, many businesses have had to face unexpected challenges. From having to move everything online to having to lay off or furlough employees, business owners are facing problems that are not easily solved. In addition, as the needs of our community have changed, your company’s services must be modified to meet those needs. While we cannot solve all the issues the world is facing right now, we have designed some short-term services to provide immediate assistance throughout the crisis.

Short-Term Engagements

Bucket of

Business Efficiency

Short-term Engagements

Short-term engagements are ideal for business owners that have experienced business shutdowns and labor shortages. While we hope for a quick recovery to normal operations, there are still essential business tasks that must be done. A short-term engagement provides the opportunity to bring in a virtual assistant for one to three months to help you tackle those mission-critical duties. We will work with you to ensure everything is covered and then perform a thorough handoff, so your staff can quickly resume operations upon their return. Book your FREE consultation to learn how this can benefit your business.

Bucket of Hours

Do you have a one-off project you need help tackling? Need to move all of your inventory on to your website? Need help organizing and categorizing data and information? The Bucket of Hours option is perfect for these types of situations. This option allows you to budget for your project, select an amount of hours to pay for upfront, and utilize your virtual assistant whenever you need until those hours are up. When you are out of hours, you can simply purchase more hours, or be finished! Your choice. Book your FREE consultation to learn what this could look like for your business.

Business Efficiency Services

Improving your company’s existing business processes can help you work efficiently even when short-staffed and drastically improve your organization’s profitability. Utilize this time to make your business processes more efficient and streamlined. We specialize in helping businesses utilize their current systems to the fullest extent, creating automations and workflows with an existing tool and configuring a brand new system from the ground up! This can be done as a one-off service for your specific project needs. Book your FREE consultation to learn what this could look like for your business.