About Us

Meet the Virtual Assistants

Part of our mission at Barrier Consulting is to empower women! We firmly believe that there are not enough true work from home opportunities for women that allow them the ability to build a good income while having the flexibility to still show up well for their lives.

All of our assistants are women based in the United States with professional work experience, an excellent work ethic, and a natural talent for helping successful business owners achieve their goals.

Meet the Owner

Evonne Barrier

Owner & Founder

Barrier Consulting started after I recognized a real need for small business owners to have quality help on a part-time basis. As our world is growing and evolving, the remote service model has become beneficial for professional women that are seeking a rewarding career paired with a career-life balance that allows enough time for personal lives and families.

With over 10 years experience in management, customer service, and supporting business owners, I know it is essential to find quality help to grow your operations. However, it is inherently challenging to find the right person and will consume the time, energy and effort you should be spending on your customers. This frustration leads many business owners to give up the search for the right assistant and to continue to do everything themselves.

As your trusted guide, I apply my industry experience, knowledge of people and personalities, and do the work to find you the VA that is the perfect fit for your business. Stop feeling overwhelmed with your business and gain back your time and sanity so you can focus on what is most important to you and your clients!